Jessica Crisp is an artist and Multimedia Designer in the Pacific Northwest. She has spent several years professionally training national champion Arabian Show horses and showing them throughout the United States. Her history with horses has inspired many of her charcoal and graphite drawings.

Crisp has her BA in Digital Technology & Culture with a minor in Fine Arts from the Washington State University Vancouver.

She has received commissions from individuals and has displayed her equine work at local institutes. Her graphic design has been featured in the Clark County’s Historic Routes application design and logo.

Artist Statement

My art works are predominantly studies of Arabians horses. I enjoy working with mediums like charcoal and acrylic paint, that allow me to explore mixing mediums. The manipulation of theses mediums allows me to reach a sense of softness that lets viewers perceive the confidence and beauty within each animal. My drawings are soft, while my digital works are unyielding. I am constantly exploring digital mediums and finding what fits my style.


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